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"The Call of Water" Short Film (Official Trailer)

by Kaya Tone
Synopsis: Flung into the astral-plane, post adolescent Nadia must face ancient forces in order to realize her responsibility to her homeland.

Written & Directed & Produced by Kaya Tone

Produced by Brian Plain, Tim Preston, and David M. Night Maire

Trinity Simpson as Nadia
Emily Bollman as Trish
Sawyer Wright as The Horned One
Eric Palmer as Bret
Rebecca Hamner as Caroline
Tamara Jakos as Sarah

Executive Producers: Dudley Johnson, Carole Johnson, William Eckert, John Merims, Tom Molen, Stephanie Simpson, Clare Tone and Kevin Tone.

Associate Producers: Sally Eckert, Jack Tone and Carol Tone

Line Producer & UPM: Tamara Jakos

Assistant Director: Eric Palmer
2nd Assistant Director: Ky Lotte

Script Supervisor: Cameron Burke

Cinematography: Alex Wohlin
1st Assistant Camera: Maxwell Geoffrey Roberts-Pereira
2nd Assistant Camera: Ben Goelz

Gaffer: Luc Ung
Swing: Jordan Groth
Swing: Ben Goelz

Sound Mixer: Ian Hunter
Sound Designer: Sam Kingston

Production Designers: Siena Tone and Katie Whitmire
Art Director: Sally Eckert
Art Assistant: Zoe Mertz
Construction: John Merims

Makeup Designer: Ashley Newquist
Key Makeup Artist: Siena Tone
Makeup Assistant: Zoe Mertz

Editor: Kale Radcliffe

Colorist: Alissa Yong

Co-Composer: Ryn Jorgensen
Co-Composer & Musician: Haiden Davis

Location Managers: Kevin Tone and Clare Tone

VFX Supervisor: Addison Worthington
VFX Artists: Timmy Beckmann and Addison Worthington

Production Assistant: Jacob Wolhandler

Catering: Sally Eckert, Kevin Tone and Clare Tone

Produced by Tone Productions
in Association with AireBedd Productions


Shot on location in Gold Hill, Colorado.

(c) May 2021​

Teaser Trailer 1

Teaser Trailer 2

Teaser Trailer 3


The Call of Water poster final 2.jpg


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