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"Mariposas" Short Film (Teaser Trailer)

by Adrian Carey
​Synopsis: Set in a universe of magical realism, a boastful father prattles on superficially about his daughter to another parent in the school pick up line, but is unable to perceive her when it matters most.
Miguel Belmonte as Mark
Rocco Salata as Carlos
Teddy Kalin as Reading Parent
Alice Chandler Hume as​ Impatient Parent
Anastasias Baker as Bored Parent
Directed & Edited by Adrian Carey
Based on the Argentinean short story by Samanta Schweblin
Producers: Rob Eletto, Adrian Carey & David M. Night Maire
Associate Producers: Jorge Alejandro, Amanda Bialy, Michele DeShaw,
Larissa Eisenstein, Donna Glassford, Zach Hasselbring, Teddy Kalin, 
Juliet Martinez, Tim Smeekens, James Sullivan & Matt Wade
Casting Director: Kathleen Vissichelli-Hanley
Composer: Phoenix Glendinning
Cinematographer: Alan J. Pierson
1st A.C.: Kelly Wurtz
Assistant Director: David M. Night Maire
Script Supervisor: Juliet Martinez
Sound Mixer: Natalie Cordero
Boom Op.: Saki Kanomata
Production Designer: Anastasia Baker
Art Director & Butterfly Wrangler: Emma Verner
Key Hair & Make Up Artist: Drishty Empire
Sound Designer: Raphaël Ajuelos
Colorist: Alan J. Pierson
Visual Effects: Pete Polyakov
Graphic Designer: Alejandro Moyano
Key P.A. & Set Photographer: George Vatistas
Very Special Thanks: Arnold Baskin, Cynthia Feig, Jose Quintana & Tia Mehta
Special Thanks: Wayne Batten, Beth A. Conklin, Charlene Conklin, Thomas Gall, Gabriela Quintana, Wendy Lo, Hersel Mehta, Pat & Don Sodo, Peggy Wurtz & Jeong Jun Young
Thanks: Joseph Allen, Jamie Berk, Taylor Brashears, Ethan Corn, Kelsey Crain, Radhika Anil Datta, Reggie Ford, Cory Fraiman Lott, Shayna & Ilya Gaidarov, 
Phoenix Glendinning, Jonathan Golab, Chris Goodrich, Janet Ivey, 
Reid Hannaford, Bana Hatzey, Hilary Hausman, Lucy Haynes, Roland Hence, 
Christpher Kappel, Carmen Kennedy, Marc Khalaf, Pat Killian, Gmonai Kushog, Alberto Lalama, George Lois, Sergio Macias, Haywood Moxley, Allen Miller, Catherine Nguyen, Christopher Oh, Uchechukwu Omegara, Jo Palmore, 
Patrick Quigley, Sabeeka Siddiqui, Colleen Smeekens, Rosie Smith, Anthony So, Evan Springhetti, Natalia Vias Trujillo, Noah Wagner, John Wesley Wilson,
Linda Winick & David Wood
Produced by AireBedd Productions


Poster 1

Poster 2


"Mariposas” is an extremely well done short that gets right to the point with what it’s trying to say... The fact this wasn’t cliché really made me appreciate how sudden the tone shifted, and yet it still held the same visuals than one would expect... As magical as this short film is, it’s also very devastating once you realize what the filmmakers did to characterize the boastful father... A part of me really appreciates how ambiguous and open-ended it is for our own interpretation... The whole short works its way towards the climatic reveal of the children that come pouring out of the doors. And it does this wonderfully with the camerawork and editing to keep the pace. Even though this is three minutes, it’s three minutes that go by fast and it ultimately feels shorter, yet still impactful... I never expected this short to take the direction it did. It blew my expectations out of the water. And that wouldn’t have been possible without the way the filmmakers structured this film."

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