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"The Hobbyist" Short Film (Trailer)

by George Vatistas
​Synopsis: A seemingly ordinary man seeks out a sagacious druggist in search
of an untraceable poison, but winds up getting more than he bargained for.
 Robert W. Smith as The Druggist
 Daniel Mitura as Sangstrom
 C.J. Gelfand as Bag Lady
 Teddy Kalin as​ Detective
Writen & Directed by George Vatistas
Based on the 1961 short story by Frederic Brown
Producers: David M. Night Maire
Executive Producer: Ria Vatistas, Michael Beddome, Bob Giraldi,
Lata Kennedy, Harry & Marion Munz
Casting Director: Kathleen Vissichelli-Hanley
Editor: Adrian Carey
Composer: Rob Eletto
Assistant Director: Kathryn Ruopp
Cinematographer: Ryan de Franco
1st A.C.: Emma Hing
1st A.C.: Colton Huynh
2nd A.C.: Kelly Wurtz
D.I.T.: Adrian Carey
Gaffer: Konstantin Lyubimov
Key Grip: Ivannoff Santos
Best Boy Grip: Ryan Henry
Best Boy Electric: Stephanie Guzman
Sound Mixer: Naleeka Dennis
Production Designer: Kristina Palmer
Art Director: Jake Folsom
Set Decorator: Anastasia Baker
Prop Master: Emma Verner
Key Hair & Make Up Artist: Drishty Empire
VFX: Joshua Depew
Colorist: Sanja Blau
Sound Editor: Mattias Murhagen
Set Photographer: Joe Zakko
Graphic Designer: Alejandro Moyano
Key P.A.: Zach Hasselbring
P.A.: Luke Graglia
Catering: Rias Vatistas & Allyssa S. Rivera-Cabrero
Special Thanks: JoAnna Beckson, Alexander Dinelaris, Thomas Gall, Anelisa Garfunkel, Sharon Greytak, Sean Heilingoetter, Megan Hessenthaler, 
Laurence Kardish, Destiny Lilly, Barry N. Malzberg, Matthew Myslinski, 
Georgia Sakellariou, Richard Pepperman, Francesco Portinari, Phoebe Violet Greenberg, Sofia Sondervan, Epistimi Vatistas, Robert Vatistas, Caserta Eye, 
Handheld Films Inc., Eastern District Camera, Flower Power Herbs & Roots Inc., and JDC Wilmington Camera Service Inc.
Produced by AireBedd Productions & SVA MPS: Directing
Shot in the East Village, Manhattan, and Flatbush Midwood, Brooklyn, NY


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“A short film that packs a big punch, blending the perfect mix of creepy and pleasing to match its dark yet purposeful message... with cinematically beautiful shots and a soundtrack that will keep you on the edge of your seat.”
“Bold and immediately catches one’s interest... Clever, well-timed... tense yet enjoyable. Robert W. Smith captivates as the character of the Druggist. His performance lends a feel of mystery and fable to the entire film, and is inspired. Casting Director Kathleen Hanley... deserves kudos for finding such an adept actor to bring this role to life. Smith expertly paces his lines, never rushing, which aids in the film’s delivery of suspense. Daniel Mitura also does a great job as Sangstrom, conveying shifting emotions under the ever-changing circumstances. Mitura’s opening lines, intense and close-to-the-vest, are especially well-delivered and give the sense that Sangstrom means to use what he’s asking for, and without reservation. The pacing of the film is spot-on. Vatistas smartly takes his time in this adaptation of the ‘short short’ story of Fredric Brown. It’s clear that Vatistas knows how to create suspense. Another aspect of this film which I enjoyed is the location and set design. The Druggist’s shop has a distinctly old-timey feel, cluttered with bottles, shelves, and papers, so well-conceived that I felt very much transported into another time and place. The production design is well-executed and enhances the story... It’s a very entertaining short film and makes me want to see what’s next for AireBedd Productions.”

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