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"Launch at Paradise" Short Film (Trailer)

by Daniel Mitura
Synopsis: The lines between life and death become blurred for John as he takes the risk to live forever.

Written & Executive Produced by Daniel Mitura

Produced by David M. Night Maire

Directed by Carrie Ann Quinn

Catherine Curtin as Dr. Barget​
Daniel Mitura as John
Zainab Jah as Elsa
James Harkness as Sam
Lauren Schaffel as Maxine
Patrick Shane as Andy

Associate Producers: Lauren Schaffel, Patrick Shane & Callum Stembridge

Cinematography: Dominick Sivilli

Assistant Director: Patrick Shane

Production Designer: Kat VanCleave
Costume Designer: Breton Tyner-Bryan

Editor: Jon Rogers

Composer: Blair Borland

Produced by DJDL Productions & AireBedd Productions




Behind The Scenes Stills

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John played by Daniel Mitura

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