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"Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir" Short Film (Trailer)

by David M. Night Maire
Synopsis: A gruesome coming of age story about a vintner son's disobedience and desire to care for his ailing mother.
Michael Lorz as Nicolas Herznoire
Sean Weil as Patrick Herznoire
Anthony del Negro as Anthony Kostopoulos
Nancy Nagrant as Katherine Kostopoulos
Pooya Mohseni as Eartha Herznoire
Rob Eletto as Anthony Stand-In
Written & Directed by David M. Night Maire
Co-Writer: Allyssa S. Rivera-Cabrero
Produced by Rob Eletto, David M. Night Maire, Carlos Valdivia 
& Jayesh Hariharan
Executive Producers: Bob Giraldi, Michael Beddome, Denis Maire & Monique Munz
Associate Producers: Kathy Ruopp & Ping Ping Song
Casting Director: Adrienne Stern Casting
Casting Associate: Kathleen Hanley
Assistant Director: Michael Beddome
2nd Assistant Director: Cassell A. Ferere
Cinematographer: Oliver Anderson
1st Assistant Camera: Jaime Medrano Jr.
2nd Assistant Camera: Estefania Guarderas
D.I.T.: Brendan Steere
Script Supervisor: Cassell A. Ferere
Gaffer: Peter Steusloff
Best Boy: Chelsea Soby
Key Grip: Ethan June
Best Boy Grip: Justin Kemper
Grip: Jack McDonald
Production Designer: James Bartol
Art Director: Robin Pohlman
Art Assistant: Matt Zabb-Parmley
Animal Wrangler: Augustine Valentino
Special FX MakeUp: Anthony Pepe
Haire & MakeUp: Bates Jaffe
Key Wardrobe: Jane Ji
Stunt Coordinator: Josiah Nolan & Nnamdi Nwosa
Sound Mixer: Naleeka Dennis
Boom Op.: Leon Jacobson
Editor: David M. Night Maire
Co-Editors: Oliver Lucian Anderson & Francesco Partinari
Assistant Editor: Brendan Steere & Richard Pepperman
Trailer Editor: Adrian Carey
Composer: Rob Eletto

Trailer music: "Lone Harvest", "Welcome to HorrorLand" - Kevin MacLeod (; Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 -

Sound Design: Mattias Murhagen
Color Artist: Alan Gordon
Post-Production P.A.: Zachary Hasselbring
Set P.A.s: Allie Strick, Charlotte Manning & Kristina Palmer
Teamsters: Teddy Kalin & Jack Manley
Catering: Allyssa S. Rivera-Cabrero
Special Thanks: Rob Bianco, Bob Eletto, Katie Eletto, Maryann Eletto, Casey Erdmann, Phyllis Feder, Anelisa Garfunkel, Megan Hessenthaler, Aaron Kodz, Alex Koht, Destiny Lilly, Juli Mossoff, Harry Munz, Marion Munz, Richard Pepperman, Richard Scanlon, Sarah Sellman, Doctor Amresh Sinha, Sofia Sondervan, Matt Spaccarelli, Victor Spaccarelli, Kathleen Waugh, Chris Wos & Jack Zimnavoda
Produced by SVA & AireBedd Productions
Shot at Benmarl Winery & Clinton Vineyards, in the Hudson Valley, NY

Tag Line: Wine and Die.



Teaser Trailer 1

Teaser Trailer 2

Teaser Trailer 3

Official Poster


Alternate Poster


“This little movie packs a big punch. ... The story and premise are very engaging. ... Great horror elements and setting for the story, which was fantastic. ... Excellent flow and pacing. ... The visuals are amazing, as is the set design and the production value. The look and feel of it lent to the creepiness of the story. ... All of the actors were real, believable and layered, while Michael Lorz gives a genuine performance. ... So great to see a filmmaker create such a solid story in a short amount of time and make us feel so much. ”
“Accomplished and gory, what more could you want from a horror? ”
“Take a dash of ‘Motel Hell’, mix with a helping of Hitchcock's ‘Specialty of the House’, add a zip of ‘Cannibal Holocaust’, and serve... Director clearly has a penchant for George Romero and his ilk... How truly creepy and disgusting the storyline, atmosphere, and visuals are... Art direction and overall look of film was great... Music is suitably eerie and evocative for the film. Excellent, engaging story with outstanding performance by the lead.”
“Everything about this film worked making it a good horror film – well directed, shot edited and acted. Very good pacing. Very well done.”
“Rich and surprisingly very beautiful approach to something so dark! ... The luscious cinematography and brooding set-up was really refreshing to see amidst the sea of indie films lately.”
“A great piece of work with expertly handled camera work, direction, sound cues, acting. … Director Munz-Maire’s style reminds us [of] the best cult directors of the last century. It's not that usual to find such a good suspense and thrilling in a young director's short work. … I would recommend keeping an eye on the work of David Munz-Maire as he could be the next big thing in horror.”
“The film absolutely oozes atmosphere. … David E. Munz-Maire’s direction is striking and the screenplay … is taut. His short film satisfies all on its own while it left me wanting to see more of this unconventional family and its grim story.”
“What struck me most … is how well it was all put together. … From the acting, which is top notch from everyone involved, to the excellent look of the film, which matches a lot of well-funded theatrical releases, and just the overall professionalism and direction of the film. …  I wished some filmmakers of full-length features would take a note … in how to at least execute a story because this short does it right.”
“I cannot express enough how rare it is... to find things that actually scare you anymore. … This short actually made me squirm. … Even in less than 15 minutes, [Chateau Sauvignon: terroir] has more to offer than the average slasher."
“The acting, the simplicity of murder the reasons behind it, all so powerful…and it delivered beyond what I expected.”
“Rarely do I walk away thinking ‘Man I hope this gets made into a full length feature’… I was immediately struck by the images. The shots and the production design. Apparent from the first frame… The director get’s into our heads right away… David E. Munz-Maire has got skill and if the few short films he has made are any indication of his future, it’s very bright.”
"An elegant horror short [that] gives new meaning to the term grapes of wrath. With Oliver Anderson’s elegant cinematography... and haunting performances by Sean Weil and Michael Lorz... [Munz-Maire] allows the audience to savor the building notes of tension."
"[The film's] simple yet impacting plot of a rural family who makes wine out of something unlikely and a son who wants to care for his ailing mother kept me intrigued from start to finish. Even with its few scenes, “Chateau” had nearly all of the audience wincing."
"Munz-Maire's “Chateau Sauvignon: terroir” feels like a much classier version of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, but is no less brutal… A fantastic short film that is atmospheric and delightfully gruesome… I hope… Munz-Maire considers turning this concept into a feature-length Horror film!"
"Gives new meaning to father-son relationships… The casting was great, the acting was really good, I liked the aesthetic parts of it… Nicely photographed film, one of the better ones that we’ve seen in a long time. Despite the genre, just a beautifully looking film… [Michael Lorz] twists us – we kind of root for him…and all of a sudden he’s a killer, and he’s a convincing killer at that. Nice twist of emotions. It got me… Very well performed, very well executed… Threw me for a loop."

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