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"Catalogue of Noses" Short Film (pre production)

by Lauren Schaffel
Synopsis: A dark musical comedy wherein a 16 year old Jewish actor faces off with her Jewish Mother and a Jewish plastic surgeon on the day of her surgery, she learns unsettling truths about the consequences of assimilation.

Written by Lauren Schaffel

Directed by Josie Andrews

Produced by Lauren Schaffel, Josie Andrews, Talisa Friedman, Yvonne Cone, & D. M. Night Maire

Original Score by Adam McDonald

Production Design by Colin Sheehan

tbd as Emily​
tbd as Debbie
tbd as Doctor P
tbd as Kimberly
Lauren Schaffel as Adult Emily
tbd as Casting Director
tbd as Director
tbd as Nose Dancers

Produced by Jewface Theater Company & Pink Tax Productions.

To be shot on location in Los Angeles, CA.


Official Poster

Catalogue of Noses - Poster 4.png
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