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"Birdie" Short Film (Teaser Trailer)

by Andrew J. Edison
Synopsis: A troubled teen takes the babysitter hostage after she uncovers his deadly plan.

Written & Directed & Edited by Andrew J. Edison

​Producer & 1st A.D.: David M. Night Maire

McLean Peterson as Babysitter Vicky
Jackson Anderson as Stanley
Amanda Brooke Lerner as Stanley's Mother
Charlie Silver as Young Stanley

Unit Production Manager: Morgan Alexander Hahn

Executive Producers: Selma Parsons, Gay Abel-Bey, Steve Wareham, David & Joseph Sexton

Associate Producers: Morgan Alexander Hahn, Daniel Sexton, Taylor Compton, Allyssa S. Rivera-Cabrero & Callum Stembridge

Story Consultants: Patrick Reilly, Danny Dobyns & Morgan Alexander Hahn

Script Supervisor & 2nd A.D.: Taylor Compton

Cinematographer & Storyboards & VFX Artist & Colorist: Sharad Kant Patel
1st A.C.: Luc Ung
1st A.C.: Dora Chen
2nd A.C..: Teo Marinakis Teixeira

Gaffer: Joseph Eusebio
Key Grip: Regina Melady
Grip: Sam Morris

Sound Mixer: Amelia Palmer

Production Designer: Katie McDowell
Art Director: Daniel Sexton
Key Hair & MakeUp Artist: Deborah Amann

BTS Photography by Penny De Los Santos

Catering by Allyssa S. Rivera-Cabrero

Special Thanks: Lisa & Chris Anderson, Detective Barling, Detective Bitsko & the Nassau County Police, Francine Silver, Mukunda Angulo, Matthew Ahl, Christina S. DeHaven-Call, Leif Larson, Christina Velez, Stephanie A. Perry, L. Michael Bonham, Nicole Ramon & SAG-AFTRA, Brandon Gimpelman & the Town Clerk's Office of North Hempstead, Focus Gear, Brenna Landerkin & The Specialists Ltd.

Produced by AireBedd Productions

Shot in New Hyde Park village, North Hempstead township, Long Island, NY


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